Elaby (lindenmark) wrote,

American Gods


I'm reading American Gods, by Neil Gaiman, and oh my GOD is it ever awesome. Possibly one of the best things I've read in a very long time. Norse mythology = squee to me right now anyway, and this book is just so full of things that make you feel smart if you get the references. Plus, it's written like... whoa. Like Gaiman does. Good god.

Oh JESUS, Wednesday. Shot right in the head. I really liked him, too. More than any other character so far. Not that I dislike any of them, really, but Wednesday. I figured out who he was the minute it mentioned that his tie tack was a tree, and then when he said Wednesday was his day but with all the thunder and lightning it might as well be Thursday... yeah. And the glass eye and the cloak and the fooling people and being a grumpy smartass uncouth tricky old bastard. GAH, right in the HEAD.

Now I need to go find out who Alviss son of Vindalf is.
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