Elaby (lindenmark) wrote,



If you haven't seen the pictures Caitirin put up a little while ago, you can see in the bottom one (if you click to make it big) the bracelet I was talking about earlier, the one with the stars.

Maybe a necklace next, because earrings are HARD.

Also, I can't figure out how to view old posts in my LJ client with this username. Hm. It downloaded supposedly 686 posts, and considering I didn't have this journal back in 2002 like it says, it must be confused. Oh well!

I made some earrings with ladybug beads on them and green leaves. I think they're cute, but they're still not as good as the ones Caitirin makes. I think I"ll do a necklace next :3

Whoa, it's raining!
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