Elaby (lindenmark) wrote,



Man, caitirin has a knack for earring design and SO don't. I'm much better at necklaces and bracelets than at earrings.

We're watching PBS, and it keeps reminding me of my ANGST - I missed the second two Jericho miniseries T_T That'd be Jericho the detective, not Jericho the post-apocolyptic town. And THEN, because the gods of Mystery must have it out for me, I rented the first DVD from Netflix and it totally crapped out - no amount of skipping scenes and backtracking or trying to speed over the hiccup - fifteen minutes before the end. And I couldn't remember what happened. GAAAAH.

But that was weeks ago and I'm over it, but seriously, I need to own this miniseries. SensitiveNoir!Robert Lindsay FTW.
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