July 29th, 2007

Half Acre - crack the sky

Peanut butter


Note to self: Toast bread first. Put peanut butter on second.

Good thing I remembered this at the last moment.

You know what I haven't said since I was an undergrad?

Sleep is for the weak.

I don't feel that tired yet, truthfully. We'll see how I feel around four.

I actually have no idea what we're watching on TV right now. Oh, Caitirin just changed the channel. Now it's some meditation thing. I think. Oh, wait, no, it's a hairstyling competition.

I have my laptop on the floor, set up on a copy of Roget's Thesaurus and the Dictionary of Imaginary Places.
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1:00 a.m.

Still reading. All hell is just about to break loose. In my book. Erm. On TV they're shooting mannequin heads from the Hairstyling Olympics. They were playing an operatic "God Save the King" earlier.

This is supremely bizarre.

Oooh, Star Trek is on now! But that means I can't read any more for the moment :\

I have to go look up what this poem thing in my book is. Maybe I'll post it for my next update.

The cats are actually, like, kind of calm now. Wacky. Tobaccy.
Half Acre - crack the sky

Star Trek, whee!


Oh, that's why I knew it. It's Yeats. Who, um, I've read less of than Keats, but. Yeah.

Poem time!

Collapse )

The center is hollow. [/Utena reference]

OMG, classic Trek is the best thing ever. But the fact that EVERY woman gets the Soft Lens effect drives us bonkers.

Spock has especially good green makeup on today. Or maybe it's just that I'm sitting closer to the TV than normal.

Stop snogging that woman, Spock! It's just the magic spores!

Also, you know you're tired when you look in the mirror and think, "Wait, is my thumb on the right side?"
Spock and McCoy giggle

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Dr. McCoy gets very Southern when he's under the influence XD

We've decided we miss the old days when computer screens were made of paper.

Kirk: (talking about Spock): He has much greater strength than a normal man. When aroused, he could be very dangerous.

Elaby and Caitirin: *fall about laughing*

M*A*S*H will be on soon! I REALLY hope it's first season! HenryTrapperJohnYay!
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Well, it doesn't have Trapper John or Henry, but it's still M*A*S*H and I love it. And it must be early in the Col. Potter/Charles Winchester era because nobody's preachy and annoying yet.

Oh, but I bet it IS later, because Radar wasn't in it. Sadness.

BJ's pink long johns XD I want to own this show. Also, Father Mulcahy is love.

*hearts the hell out of M*A*S*H*
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Link - don't stop



Oh, BJ. How can you be such a good guy?

Hawkeye + Charles wreaking mischief together = glee.

I wanna watch MORE! All night! But it's only on twice and both are over now :(

I just LOVE this show, and I love Hawkeye and I love everyone.
Drops of lightning

Perfect Blue


Perfect Blue is definitely the anime to watch at 3:00 in the morning! @_@

I can't remember much about it, except that I don't know what's real. I think that's intentional, though.

After this we might watch Zetsuai! XD Or Eva. Eva's a good thing to watch in the middle of the night, or early morning, as the case may be.

Koi wa doki doki suru nara...
Usagi - transform

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Also when you know you're tired: I just almost called Beatrix "Mariemaia"*. The kitties are sleeping, silly things. They don't sleep when we're asleep and want them to settle down! Well, not all the time.

Perfect Blue is upfucked. My brain is working on half capacity as it is.

Wheeeeeee! *swirly eyes* This movie is hard to figure out at the best of times.

*Mariemaia is my parents' cat. She looked a lot like Beatrix when we just got her.
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Anthy - path of night

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News Flash: Perfect Blue still confusing as hell. Main character is now chasing herself down the road. Sounds like that Kurosawa movie we watched!

Eyeballs starting to cross. Freija says she wants to help me post, so she climbs down my chest and walks over my computer.
Saionji - trees

My braaaaain


We're watching Zetsuai right now. It's SO SILLY. Man, my taste in anime was really bad back when ^^;; It's a fansub, so the sound and picture quality is pretty bad. And it's one of those yaoi anime that is totally and utterly implausible (not like many aren't), where a guy collapses from fever in the street and some other guy just takes him home. You never have to worry about getting sick in Japan, Caitirin says! Someone will take care of you even if you're a perfect stranger!

AND, according to anime, in Japan, you need no further medicine/care than a cloth on your forehead. That cures every ailment!

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Ahahaha I'm SO TIRED *falls over*

They're having DEATH MATCH SOCCER in Zetsuai. With people screaming and the ball breaking the net and all sorts of stuff. DRAMAAAAA.

And people saving little sisters from being hit by trucks. And my-mommy-killed-my-daddy angst. This is such a ridiculous anime XD I love it.

I starve, too. I need some grapes!
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Half Acre - crack the sky



Voice actor time! Whee!

How did I EVER think this show was any good? Oh man.

But anyway, Koji is voiced by Hayami Sho, who also does Ashram, Wolfwood, and Muraki, and who I confuse with Nakata Jouji, who does the Count, Alucard, Hijikata, and Folken. Though I think I like Nakata Jouji a little better.

Look! Daylight!
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We've moved onto Zetsuai Bronze now, the second OAV. It's animated much better, but is still about as dumb. Dubmbmbmb. Actually, I find the plot even less interesting in this one. But they're about the same in dumb levels.

Bah, and it's boring too. I think I'm going to turn it off.
Ran - rainbow




Posted every half-hour for 24 hours! Now, I am sleeping.

Wow, a billion LJ comments all suddenly showed up! ... will read after sleeping.
Anthy - wing flowers


Awake again! I love sleep. I love my bed. No matter how many blankets we pile on the floor, it's just not the same as our bed.

Thank you, thank you, thankyouthankyouthankyou to kniblet for so generously helping me reach my fundraising goal! *HUGS* And thank you times that many to dibsy too! You guys are just the best :)

And also a billion thank yous to everyone who cheered us on last night and commented and was supportive! I so have the best f'list EVER, and some new people even came over to encourage us :) Aaaah n_n
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