July 28th, 2007

Half Acre - crack the sky

Blogathon begins!


As Blogathon begins, I'm taking a page from caitirin's book and offering a raffle of sorts - maybe more like a reward system ^_^ I propose to do a drawble (a quick sketch) for anyone who donates $5. The drawing can be anything you want :)

To donate for breast cancer research, go to my Making Strides page. Thanks for your support!

For anything over $5, the drawing will be more ornate to an extent that I see fit (but at this point I can't promise color).
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Half Acre - crack the sky



Art! Possibly unfinished art, but art nonetheless. I drew this quite a while ago, probably around last spring (of 2006, not 2007) when I was in the Medieval Epic and Romance class. This is Siegfried from the Nibelungenlied. He bathed in the blood of a dragon and became invincible, except for the spot on his back where a linden leaf had fallen while he was bathing. This became, as you might guess, his downfall. Dun dun DUNNN.

This was also one of my first forays with my tablet (the old one, actually).

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For breakfast, I'm having frozen waffles (no longer frozen when I'm eating them, of course!) with our homemade jam and some Nutella. We were at BJ's the other day and they sell VATS of Nutella, good god.

We have an egg timer going (but it's actually shaped like an apple, not an egg... er, if that's even why they're called that. Maybe they're called egg timers because you use them to time the cooking of eggs?) and it ticks, and the toaster oven with my waffles in it ticks too, so I was getting somewhat confused with which one dinged.

It was the egg timer :)

And there goes my waffles! Off to prepare them for eatings. Then to take a shower.
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Content? Wot?


I don't know if most of these posts will actually have anything interesting in them. Not that that's the point, but I'm just sayin' ;)

This one does, though.

But it's Deathly Hallows spoilers! And art. But not mine. It's art by a very talented person on DeviantArt. I'll cut the explanation anyway :)

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Doot doot


I have nothing particularly significant to post about this time. We just saw a commercial (watching Saturday morning cartoons) that used clips from The Little Mermaid to promote clean oceans and recycling and stuff. Now we're watching the Batman. Makes me want to watch Gargoyles. I have the first season on DVD, but as far as I know (which isn't very) they haven't brought out the next yet. I hope they have, because if they haven't, it's really a travesty. Want Gathering Arc!

The Penguin seems to have a lightsaber-whip. Of electrified chain-ness.

I should upload some more icons! Having only six is going to get very boring ^^;;
Half Acre - crack the sky



I uploaded some more icons! This journal is, for the moment, a Plus Account, since we're going to go to the post office today and we didn't want to miss posts. I get 5 voice posts a month this way, and 15 userpics! None of them are ones I have in my regular journal.

See them here.
Anthy - wing flowers



I made a bracelet in the time between I last posted and now. It could be a companion piece to caitirin's star earrings seen here:

It has the same star beads, but has little crystal chips and tiny metal stars strung between white and gold seed beads.

I LOVE BEADING. Holy cow. It's so much fun.



Man, caitirin has a knack for earring design and SO don't. I'm much better at necklaces and bracelets than at earrings.

We're watching PBS, and it keeps reminding me of my ANGST - I missed the second two Jericho miniseries T_T That'd be Jericho the detective, not Jericho the post-apocolyptic town. And THEN, because the gods of Mystery must have it out for me, I rented the first DVD from Netflix and it totally crapped out - no amount of skipping scenes and backtracking or trying to speed over the hiccup - fifteen minutes before the end. And I couldn't remember what happened. GAAAAH.

But that was weeks ago and I'm over it, but seriously, I need to own this miniseries. SensitiveNoir!Robert Lindsay FTW.
Drops of lightning



If you haven't seen the pictures Caitirin put up a little while ago, you can see in the bottom one (if you click to make it big) the bracelet I was talking about earlier, the one with the stars.

Maybe a necklace next, because earrings are HARD.

Also, I can't figure out how to view old posts in my LJ client with this username. Hm. It downloaded supposedly 686 posts, and considering I didn't have this journal back in 2002 like it says, it must be confused. Oh well!

I made some earrings with ladybug beads on them and green leaves. I think they're cute, but they're still not as good as the ones Caitirin makes. I think I"ll do a necklace next :3

Whoa, it's raining!
Ray of sunshine



I did decide to do a necklace this time, and I'm trying a fall theme. We bought a lot of pretty red and brown glass leaves and beads, so I'm putting those together and hoping it looks nice.

We definitely need some of that sticky-paws stuff so our kitties will stop scratching the heck out of one of the doors -_- I only just noticed it because it's on the edge of the door and not on the front or back.

Must help Caitirin make veggie snacks!

Good GOD, it just suddenly started to monsoon! O.O Caitirin is taking pictures, because it's raining just that hard.
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(no subject)


Still working on this necklace. It's coming out pretty well :) We'll probably make a journey to the post office soon. It's almost stopped raining.

Mmm, cauliflower.
Forest hall

Post office


We'll be off to the post office soon, I think. If we don't make it back in a half hour, expect voice posts! Perhaps expect voice posts anyway :)

I just went into the bathroom and Freija Sink-Dweller was curled up asleep in the sink. She's such a silly kitty :3

Man, cooking shows are DANGEROUS. There's a cool one about pizza on right now, and yum. Pizza.

Finished my necklace! It came out nicely, I think.
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Voice Post

96K 0:29
“This is Ellebie(?) Voice Posting from the parking lot of the grocery store. Where Cathy(?) & I just bought some mozerella. So, fresh, mozerella even. So we can have pizza like we saw on TV. And we're about to drive home now. And you get back to Posting on the actual computer. But we had to go to the Post Office & now we had to run to the grocery store. So ___ for dinner. Alright? See everybody later.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

Well, I guess the auto-transcription could have been worse. Here's what I actually said:

"This is Elaby, Voice Posting from the parking lot of the grocery store where Caitirin and I just bought some mozzarella, so - fresh, mozzarella even - so we can have pizza like we saw on TV. And we're about to drive home now and get back to posting on the actual computer. But we had to go to the Post Office and now we had to run to the grocery store so we could have yummy stuff for dinner. All right, see everybody later.”
Anthy - whirligig



Home from the post office and grocery store! The automatic transcription feature is a little wonky ^^;;

Now we're going to make pizza dough in the breadmaker so we can have pizza like they did on PBS :3 With fresh mozzarella and all. *starves, and will have to have a snack first 'cause the dough takes a few hours*

All in all, we zipped through the grocery store and got all the stuff we needed in about 12 minutes! *laughs* They moved the mozzarella on us, but we asked someone and found it.

And that ends my exciting play-by-play! Oh man, need to plug my laptop in. *looks around for a nearby outlet*
Ray of sunshine

(no subject)


Need a snack! Still! We're going to watch Diary of a Foodie now on PBS. We got the dough in, the dishwasher unloaded and loaded, and the kitchen all tidied up! Woot!

I may work on some of my drawble requests now :3

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We have these awesome Triscuits, Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil, which I could totally eat without anything on them if Triscuits weren't dry by nature. I had them with cheese for a snack. MAN, they're good.

Working on some drawbles now and probably going to watch something other than Yankee Workshop ^^;;
Half Acre - crack the sky



Still working on the drawble! Watching Antiques Roadshow XD Oh god, Lawrence Welk is next. I think not.

Caitirin has her TV schedule, and Will and Grace is on next. Sorry these have been so boring lately ^^;; I'll have a more interesting post once I finish this drawble.

O.o Oh, this is that channel with all of the commercials for people with bad credit.
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(no subject)


Good god, it's already 6:00? It's weird how much differently the day goes by when you have to stop and do something every half hour.

Soon we will have pizza! Caitirin made cheese and herb dough for the crust, and we put spaghetti sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, grape tomatoes. and pepper. I can't wait to eeeeat it!

This TV channel also has skeevy lawyers advertising on it.
Ran - rainbow



The mozzarella didn't melt as much as I expected, but it was still really good. And I especially liked the grape tomatoes on it. I really like grape tomatoes, surprisingly, because I don't really like any other kind of tomato unless it's hot or chopped up in something else.

I've been writing a fluffy thing the past couple days, and maybe I'll have it finished by 7:00 to post it :)
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(no subject)


Er, I got sidetracked by DeviantArt, so no writing this time ^^;; Maybe later.

Diagnosis Murder is SUCH a... I don't know. Cliche and predictable and heavy-handed moralistic show. Maybe it's just this episode.

*stretches* *florp*
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Saionji - trees



Time to post keeps sneaking up on us!

Freija keeps stealing rose petals from the dried roses we have hanging from one of the lamps, so we find them everywhere. And sometimes they're mangled and slimey. KITTIES, I tell you.
Anthy - wing flowers

Wedding invitation


We just finished the wording of our wedding invitation and figuring out directions to my parents' house from all possible directions. coastal_spirit, we'll ask you and Dad sometime if the directions look good :)

We're going to watch Princess Diaries 2 now! ^_^ The first movie was very cute.

*kind of wants to get up and run around the room, as has been sitting for too long*
Ray of sunshine

(no subject)


Arg. I could have sworn I e-mailed myself part of this thing I was writing, but I guess I didn't, because I don't have it. I liked it, too. It was only about 100 words of it, but now I'm going to have to rewrite it and I know I liked it the way I had it :\ *grumps*

Oh well. Hopefully I'll finish this in time to put it up sometime during Blogathon!

And Caitirin made me feel aaaaaaalll better ^____^
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Eh heh


Still no writing to show you. I am teh slow. But this is such a cute movie ^_^

Hector Elizondo FTW. It's not often when somebody can out-charisma John Rhys-Davies. Of course, that was the intent, but still.

MAN, though, the romance in this movie is DUUUMB. Except for Joe and Queen Clarisse. They're cute. But the young-people romance is dumb. So far.

Maybe by 9:30 I'll have some writing to show you!
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Still not done with the writing


Um, almost. It just needs a read-through, and then I'll post it :) Probably at 10:00. It's really fluffy. Fluff is whee.

This movie is... well, Disney. You have to have the "Zomg, it all goes wrong!" in the middle. I'm surprised somebody important hasn't "died" yet.

I think Mia should give Cute Photography Mason-from-Dead-Like-Me a chance instead of I Am Hunky And Arrogant But Secretly A Good Guy.

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We're setting up a fort in the living room! With sleeping bags and pillows and every blanket in the house :) Which is a whole damn lot of blankets, actually.

Seriously, we've got something like twelve blankets and our sleeping bags all piled on the floor. Mm, cloudlike ^_^ When I was little, I used to set up pillow-forts with blankets and things the rare times I had a friend sleep over. We watched The Adventures of Little Nemo once when I did that *suddenly remembers this*

The kitties are helping. mostly by getting in the way and walking all over our blankets. MOST helpful, that. We're probably going to read for a while :) And set the timer so we know when to post.


American Gods


I'm reading American Gods, by Neil Gaiman, and oh my GOD is it ever awesome. Possibly one of the best things I've read in a very long time. Norse mythology = squee to me right now anyway, and this book is just so full of things that make you feel smart if you get the references. Plus, it's written like... whoa. Like Gaiman does. Good god.

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Now I need to go find out who Alviss son of Vindalf is.
Spock and McCoy giggle

Flying Circus


Monty Python is DERANGED XD Just... deranged. In the greatest way. I feel I'd get a lot more out of it if I were watching it in Britain when it was originally on the air, but still, man, I think it was probably pretty cracked out then too.

"Look, how many streets do you know that have a lake in them?"
"Well, is it large?"
"Of course it's not large! It's got to fit in Runcorn Avenue! If it were too big we'd have to knock out the tobacconist's!"

Now they're suggesting that the Magna Carta was a piece of chewing gum stuck to a bedspread in Dorset. And explaining it in mime.
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(no subject)


I'm reeeeeading. I think Caitirin is watching Scrubs. She was watching the Red Green Show first, but it apparently was over or something at 11:45.

I need a snack. I think peanut butter is in order!

*kicks feet on pile of blankets* This is comfy.

I hope you realize this is the extent of the content you'll be getting from now on. Probably. Unless I attempt to do something insane like write. Ahahaha. I kind of doubt it.

But you never know! There was that time with the Athos thing.