July 5th, 2007

Half Acre - crack the sky


My first project for this journal is going to be Blogathon

I'll be participating in Blogathon 2007 in order to raise money for Breast Cancer Research, though the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk on October 14th, 2007 in Dover, NH.

What is Blogathon 2007?

Blogathon is a charity event held by bloggers around the world. We pledge to write a post every half an hour for 24 hours starting Saturday July 28th.

In exchange we're asking you to sponsor us while we try to stay up for 24 hours to raise money and awareness. You can sponsor with a fixed amount donation or choose to give a certain amount per post/word/hour. It's entirely up to you!

If you can, please sponsor me by visiting my personal donation site on the Making Strides website, then searching for me on the Blogathon search page and making a donation. If you prefer not to create an account on Blogathon, you can simply drop me a comment and let me know the amount of your donation and I can enter it by proxy.

If you prefer not to donate online just contact me and we can work out alternate donation methods. I am more than happy to help figure out a way to help you donate.

I'll be updating here all during Blogathon 2007! So tune in on Saturday the 28th starting at 9 AM EST! For more information check out the Blogathon website.
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