Elaby (lindenmark) wrote,

Content? Wot?


I don't know if most of these posts will actually have anything interesting in them. Not that that's the point, but I'm just sayin' ;)

This one does, though.

But it's Deathly Hallows spoilers! And art. But not mine. It's art by a very talented person on DeviantArt. I'll cut the explanation anyway :)

A very lovely drawing of young Dumbledore and Grindelwald by Monstarling. She is a wonderful artist, and said in a sketch of the same picture that she didn't think her young Dumbledore looked like himself at all. However, in the finished inked version, I think he looks strikingly correct.

Also, Grindelwald is pretty XD Young Albus ain't too bad himself.
Tags: harry potter
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